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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello 11 tool users

Let me welcome you all to the 11 tools session, is nice to see that we will have a lot of new techno gurus here.

As you notice I have done the 22 tools and that gives me a head start, but is no so complicated, i will be most have ready to help you out .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thing 23 My thoughts

I really enjoyed the program it made me realize that there is more out there that we can use to improve our way of teaching an can give us new perspectives on how to reach the students socio emotional learning experience, 23 this is a program that most go on and growing to maybe and why not 23 thing 2.0
Who knows we might have more tools in the future that we can realize that we have right know.

Thing 22 Nings

Ning is nice but it resembles other links and tools we have just use , but i do believe that noting in a tool can be bad, is just the way you use it the one thing that can be wrong. Ning is a nice social networking tool for those going in the fast line and they want to make an impact on other viewers.

Thing 21 creating a podcast

I do really hope i can use this podcast we created in summer school from one of the students, she research information from Cameroon, she is in third grade I just hope my blog has space to hold it.
My intent fail since the file is just 56 mb, i think i will better use a video photo story that i created for a nice friend in the district. enjoy.

Thing 20 Podcast

Love pod casting, is a nice way to have the students attention and an other way to explain things while your hands, imagination and activboard cant, like adaptions and other science content that you cannot take the student to it, for some videos you might need to be a member to able to see the html code for other like this alphabet song you will find it on the bottom right side of the video display. enjoy.

Thing 19 web 2.0 award list

A nice web page that i found int his awards was Lulu, you might think is an ordinary amazon page where you can just surf and buy book, on Lulu is different, since I notice it has even better prices that those in Amazon, the other link that I analyse was docstock, is a very handy page with a lot of different documents like , legal, educational, research and other to be downloaded if you have the willingness to pay, is also a nice way to get basis contracts or research results by third party's to be use as samples.

Thing 18 Online productivity tools

I went directly to the Open Office link since is the one i have been using at school with the students,and i love it, why you might ask, well is much friendlier that office vista. The disadvantage well apparently none but just the names of the applications is slight different but if you manage to know the array of it you are on the other side. This tool is fast simple and free of license and it helps you put a dot in the window if you know what a mean.